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BBH Box Furnace

Introduction of BBH Box Multi-purpose Furnace Products
Overview of equipment: The introduction of BBH pre-extraction box multi-purpose furnace has brought domestic heat treatment equipment to a new stage. This series of furnace combines vacuum technology and controllable atmosphere organically, and has obvious advantages in environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.
Main Applications: Carburizing/carbonitriding/quenching in protective atmosphere, normalizing, annealing/reheating quenching.
Equipment features:
The front door has no fire curtain and the working environment has been greatly improved.
Nitrogen replacement reduces the possibility of oxidation at grain boundaries during heating and cooling processes.
_High safety performance, can achieve full automation, unmanned operation.
High precision atmosphere control system can establish stable carbon potential in furnace.
When stopping, air will not enter the furnace, which saves the replacement time of atmosphere in the furnace, and greatly shortens the time of establishing atmosphere when starting the furnace. Compared with traditional multi-purpose furnaces, the time of carbon potential establishment is reduced and the operation cost is low.
_The front chamber is vacuum-pumped, and the front door does not need fire curtain, which saves a lot of fuel gas; the furnace has good air tightness, and the use of dripping agent is greatly reduced. Gas flow rate is reduced by 1/6-1/8 compared with traditional multi-purpose furnaces.
_Front chamber vacuum feeding and discharging materials will not cause accidents due to the burning of fire curtain, while reducing the oxidation and deterioration of quenching oil, clean working environment, good treatment quality, the service life of quenching oil has been extended. Quenching oils of all properties (including cold and hot oils) can be used.
_The equipment is equipped with residual oxygen analysis device in the loading room to ensure the safety of the equipment.
Performance comparison of BBH-3R & BBH-2R
_BBH-3R set up an independent vacuum replacement chamber, which does not affect the normal use of the equipment, thereby improving the efficiency of the equipment.
_BBH-3R vacuum chamber volume reduction, thereby reducing nitrogen consumption and energy consumption.
_BBH-3R structure reduces quenching delay time compared with BBH-2R.
Comparison of_BBH-2R/BBH-3R Processing Time
BBH Box Furnace
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BBH Box Furnace
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