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Continuous pusher-plate furnace

Continuous pusher-plate furnace

Introduction of Continuous Push Plate Furnace Products
Continuous pusher-plate furnace
Overview of equipment: Continuous push-disc automatic production line with its unique design, ingenious structure, stable and reliable performance and remarkable energy-saving effect, widely used in gear, bearing and other large-scale, continuous heat treatment.
Main Applications: It is suitable for large quantities of gas carburizing, carbonitriding, quenching, annealing, normalizing, isothermal normalizing and other heat treatment of parts.
Equipment features:
The bottom feeding method is beneficial to energy saving and medium consumption reduction, and also to the stability of carbon potential in the furnace.
_Controllable atmosphere carburizing furnace is an independent structure, which is independent with other districts. Intermediate isolation door is installed in other rooms, and temperature and atmosphere are controlled independently.
_There is an independent isolation door between the heating zone and the cooling diffusion zone of the carburizing furnace and the adjacent zone. The motor drives the furnace door to rise and fall, and a chain break alarm device with the isolation door to rise and fall in place. Once the chain breaks and gives an alarm, the equipment stops running. Avoid damage to other parts in case of failure.
_The automatic quenching mechanism is a semi-closed mechanism, which adopts double-position closed submersible transfer, and can pass in a small amount of nitrogen to ensure that parts complete the whole quenching process without contacting with air. The quenching sealing chamber does not need to open the door, thus avoiding the contact between furnace air and air when the quenching sealing chamber opens the door and the fluctuation of furnace air.
Temperature, carbon potential control instrument, oxygen probe, PLC, recorder, pneumatic components, low-voltage electrical, and various instruments are selected world-renowned products, the overall performance of the equipment is stable and reliable.
_The animation display of the running process of the equipment shows that all the automatic conditions and process parameters are visualized, and has a complete tray moving program tracking system. The whole process of the production line can be automatically monitored, uploaded and downloaded through the central computer control system or the operation cabinet (including multi-functional operation man-machine interface). All faults can be alarmed and annotated, and remote accident can be realized. Barrier diagnosis and maintenance.
Advanced technology, good stability and durability, minimum auxiliary facilities, ensure the cost advantages of equipment in terms of power consumption, gas consumption, maintenance costs and auxiliary facilities consumption.
_High degree of automation, in addition to loading and unloading, the rest of the process are automatically controlled and operated.
Technical parameters: Continuous Pusher-type furnace has double Pusher-type furnace and single Pusher-type furnace production line to choose from. According to product process and production capacity requirements, different specifications and models of equipment products (standard material tray: 750X750/650X650) can be customized.
Continuous pusher-plate furnace
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